About Us

Value360 Communications, an affiliate of Huntsworth, is one of the leading Public Relation (PR) Agency, headquartered in New Delhi. Value 360 Communications is formed with an objective of offering focused, practical, and measurable integrated communication program. The agency has helped more than 100 brands from across the world to realize their corporate communication requirements.

Why Value360 Communications:

The Public Relation (PR) business in India is very dynamic and is changing with every single day. The change is majorly attributed to fundamental and irreversible societal, technological and audience-related shift. Some of the prominent changes are seen in media fragmentation, increasing consumer empowerment, rise of communities and shift in trust from institutions to peers.

Enterprises are now operating in multifaceted and rapidly changing ecosystems. We believe that in order to make a strong messaging strategy in this environment,  an interactive approach should be taken to align and build relationships with the ecosystem.

We at Value360 Communications have developed an approach and consulting methodology to enable our clients to communicate successfully in this new world.  Our communication approach focuses on five important aspects to meet the PR  objectives:

  • Innovation,
  • Strategy,
  • Execution,
  • Delivery and
  • Impact.

The above mentioned aspects form the framework for our consulting and service offerings. We work on creating an innovative strategy to break the clutter and execute the strategic plans that result in a measurable and impacting deliveries. We are committed to our client’s success and measure our success with clients’ growth. With the growth of new age media (social media) we have progressed to extend our services to Social Media Marketing. In a media web which is increasingly getting cluttered Value360 Communications makes sure that you are visible at the right places at the right times.

In all our client associations, we are driven by the following principles:

  • We ensure that  PR campaign is aligned completely with our clients’ business objective.
  • Our PR objective is always guided by our 5A’s framework – Accurate, Achievable, Assessable, Applicable and Apt.
  • We have a very transparent system with complete ownership and accountability across all activities through effective campaign management and measurement.

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a Value360 Communications Core Team
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