Are you aware of the common online marketing misconceptions

marketing misconceptionsIn the world of marketing, misconceptions are rampant and can cause a business to lose out on customers. Despite the quick adoption of modern marketing concepts, the discipline is surrounded by different myths. It’s true that business-consumer interactions have rapidly transformed in the past few years. The emergence of new age tools and different legitimate platforms has driven the conversion online. In this regard, a smart and goal-oriented marketing strategy is important as it brings desired results.

Marketing misconceptions can limit the effectiveness of any plan and cause a significant loss of sales. Separating the fact from fiction is absolutely necessary as the different areas of an online marketing strategy including social media, email marketing, and content marketing can boost one’s brand image and clientele base.

But exactly how and why are the marketing misconceptions harmful? These are made particularly inescapable by the sheer volume of misinformation. The malice of myths is making companies act out of fear and draining away billions from their coffers.

Top PR agencies in Delhi are of the opinion that marketing professionals are harbouring dangerous and unrealistic expectations based on invalid marketing principles to attain success. Since the old misconceptions are pervasive today, the result is many companies debilitate their longevity in the absence of preparedness for executing a result-oriented marketing strategy.

Here are some of the common marketing misconceptions that can limit the efficiency of any marketing plan.

  • We dont need marketing“We are better than our competitors. We don’t need marketing”

A marketing plan decides how a company will be portrayed. Target audience, messages, channels, tactics, offers, budget, etc. are outlined in a good marketing plan. A cohesive and integrated plan ensures a business is able to get the best return on the marketing investment.

  • “Our marketing plan includes running ads”

An advertising initiative is one of the possible ways that can deliver the marketing message to the consumers. Integrated PR firms feel that the rapidly changing business environment demands marketing plans that focus on different tactics and how they will work collaboratively to attain targets like lead generation, sales, buzz building, etc.

  • “We know our consumers (1)“We know our consumers and understand their needs”

It is important to understand your consumers: who they are, what they think about you and why they should go for your services/products. When opting for the services of a public relations agency, we suggest going for proper client-backed research as it offers insight and helps tap future prospects.

  • “Focus on potential customers only. No need to nurture existing clients”

Promoting your business prospects is a good idea to strengthen your customer base, but understanding the needs of the existing clients helps bag repeat business. Existing customers need regular reinforcement and it is a mistake to think they don’t need promotional messages.

Amongst all of the strategic errors that businesses, even market leaders, often make is of taking their current consumers for granted and not paying attention to their requirements.

The leading PR agencies are of the opinion that customers are the ones who call the shots nowadays.

  • “We have just started our venture. We can’t afford any expensive marketing channel for our business”

One of the greatest misconceptions regarding marketing channels like broadcast advertising or direct mail is that they are too expensive. Channels you considered out of reach can be accessed without hampering your budget.

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  • Social Media is not suitable for our business

Regardless of the industry you belong to, we guarantee that your clients (existing and prospective) are active on social media. To understand how your marketplace is shaping, every business should maintain an active presence on social media.

In fact, the PR industry believes that there is a social platform for every business that can push growth. This is one of the reasons why public relations agencies in India are providing social media services as part of their digital marketing initiatives.

It is time to get the wheels to turn and emerge as a quintessential game changer in your field with the help of social media.


Referred to as complex and time-consuming, the world of online marketing is certainly overwhelming. But this doesn’t mean that it should be treated as a buried concept. Standing out from others, when one is jostling to make one’s mark, is no easy task.  Online marketing is essential as it offers excellent opportunities to connect with the target audience.

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