B2B Public Relations: Quick and effective tactics to get customers’ attention

Social MonitoringLike it or not, conventional B2B Public Relations is no longer one of the highest-demand avenues used for creating an efficient brand voice. A recent study reveals that approximately 18% of marketing honchos are not keen to use traditional PR methods. The report further stated that few of the crucial factors considered by PR agencies while hiring professionals encompass knowledge of the emerging marketing channels like social networks, podcasting, micro-blogging and RSS.

In the past decade, the B2B Public Relations landscape has undergone a considerable transformation. Looking beyond the conventional B2B Public Relations and leveraging the new-age strategies has the ability to influence the dynamics of the market and beat competitors. Today, PR firms are aware of the intersection that exists between digital PR, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and B2B social media.

These points raise a relevant question – are we taking complete advantage of these recent occurrences in the PR domain? It’s true that blogging has taken centre stage but it has been noticed that blogs carry repurposed press releases. Today, a majority of businesses are using social channels to make announcements but are yet to use these platforms to meet the consumers’ need.

So, are you looking for opportunities to leverage the potential of online B2B Public Relations? Take a quick look at some of the essential tactics below that PR firms should consider adopting for best results.

  • Social monitoring

Top PR agencies in India are of the opinion that social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have impacted the working of the industry significantly. In simple words, social media is capable of lending a helping hand to businesses to understand the perspective of consumers, media and competitors.

Maintaining a close watch on the online activity of these channels and deciding the course of action accordingly is of utmost importance. In simple words, social media has the ability to make monitoring more efficient.  

Furthermore, try and build a rapport with the key social media influencers who can impact the image of a brand.

  • Blogging

In the past ten years or so, the content creation speed across channels has gained momentum. Usually PR agencies, irrespective of their size, have monthly and quarterly calendars in place to ensure monitoring of online activity. Since key bloggers create quick content, monitoring their online activity assumes relevance.

  • Growing use of technology

Today, relationships are increasingly becoming Internet-dependent. Technology allows instant connect as nobody has to wait for days or months to initiate conversations with industry experts. It is believed that technology advancement has made it easier for users to follow their favourite writer, bloggers on Twitter and even befriend them on Facebook.

  • SEOSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Thanks to SEO, getting a ranking on the first page of Google is attainable even for a startup. Google has altered its search algorithms to ensure that only quality content is displayed. PR companies working on client SEO should create search engine optimised and content-focussed press releases that meet stringent quality standards and are worthy of distribution as well.

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  • Content that works

As the marketing domain has time and again emphasised upon the significance of a ‘content-focussed’ approach, developing blogs, articles, videos, newsletters, podcasts, presentations etc. that offer value to the customers is the demand of the hour. You can consider partnering with a top-notch PR agency if you don’t have the time and resources to create content that brings desired results.

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Marketing gurus have rightly pointed out that the growing advancement in the field of technology has been responsible for transforming the media landscape. The availability and widespread use of blogging, social and SEO have made it possible for businesses to garner visibility. In regard to visibility, social networking platform LinkedIn is a powerful medium that can be utilised for generating viable leads as well.

Traditional PR alone can’t be used for connecting with the consumers. It demands a mix and match of different strategies, channels and approaches. Achieving success in the B2B PR industry isn’t easy at all. One needs to maintain constant visibility across places wherever clients are. Companies need to think from the perspective of its customers, identify the most visited networks/communities and support them.

If you are not sure of how to get started, consider hiring a B2B-focussed PR agency to expand your company’s reach which will enable you to maintain focus on the core competencies.

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