Brand DNA: why it matters to your business

TrushworthyWhy people prefer to choose certain brands time and again? Why BMW, Adidas, Apple, Wal-Mart are considered as the most loved brands? The reason is simple. Consumers prefer to associate with businesses that are consistent with their performance and reputation. Since ‘brand consistency’ is imperative for every business, realising its relevance is an integral part. To make this happen, digital marketing can come in handy and play a key role in extending brand consistency to the audiences.

Although for a car brand like BMW, it isn’t possible to meet the customer requirements over the Internet but its content can be leveraged based on these concepts. This is one of the possible reasons why the PR agencies have been exploring the varied nuances of content marketing minutely and using it across campaign ideas, social channels, messaging to make brands stand out in the midst of tough competition. After all, understanding the brand DNA is important.

When it comes to consumer choices, brand matters. A customer-centric brand evokes emotion and is able to connect with the audiences. According to a recent study undertaken by a group of leading public relations companies in India, every consumer chooses a brand based on certain parameters. While many Apple fans choose the brand for its design innovation, top-class user experience or even technology innovation, few judged on parameters like elegance, style, sophistication, word-of-mouth marketing and more.

PR companies that offer branding services argue that when a brand is trusted by audiences, loyalty and ROI bolster automatically. Understanding that every business aims to get noticed by consumers and build long-term relations, we decided to list out some of the possible reasons why consumers prefer to associate with a particular brand.

  • Best-in-class performance

Study proves that comfort, happiness, satisfaction are the most commonly judged parameters while choosing a brand/business. When a brand is able to maintain consistency and dedication in offering a positive experience to the consumers, trust is built.

  • Desirability

Leading PR agencies in India feel that ‘branding’ helps to cut through the visual clutter, improve the image and enhances the desirability quotient of any business.

  • Trustworthy and safe

There’s no denying that consumers want to associate with a brand name that enjoys a strong market-standing to avoid risk. The marketing gurus strongly believe that brands that are able to lower the risk of disappointment have been successful in carving a niche for itself and bag repeat business from consumers.

  • In sync with the consumer’s persona

Every consumer prefers to choose a brand that reflects his/her personality. The brands we use display who we are and who we aspire to be.

Why branding matters

In this technology-oriented world, creating a brand-focussed marketing strategy is important for every business irrespective of its size and industry. Developing a robust and differentiated brand play an important role in transforming prospects into repeat clients.

To achieve stand-out branding impact on the consumers mind, it has been noticed that PR companies have been maximising the use of social channels to help enterprises achieve branding goals.

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