Crisis Communication Plan

Crisis communication planCrisis Communication is one of the important aspects of Public Relations that aims to safeguard companies from suffering from a tarnished image in the market. It is cautiously-designed to protect organisations against dangers hovering around their reputation.

Crisis Communication plan is a framework that comprises various options that organisations might take into account while handling a crisis situation. The word crisis refers to any situation that hampers the goodwill of a company in the eyes of the public. If the crises are not tackled on time, they can result in the spread of negative image among its stakeholders, the media and the public, affecting the growth trajectory of the company immensely.

It is important that companies have a crisis communication plan in place to deal with the crisis judiciously. A good crisis communication plan helps firms in maintaining transparency, disseminating honest information in the market and reinforcing the company’s positive image.

Successful Plan of Action

For the plan of action to be successful, it is important that a specialised team be dedicated for tackling any kind of crisis. Comprising Chief Executive Officer, Senior Manager, Vice President etc, the team aims to address the reputation issues of the organisation with experienced personnel at hand. The main objective of the team is to rebuild the credibility, integrity and trustworthiness of the company among its target audience.   An eloquent and seasoned person should be assigned as the spokesperson of the company, to represent the company in the time of a crisis. It is the duty of the spokesperson to communicate with the media logically and assertively, such that the intended message is properly understood by the media fraternity.

Press Releases are made by the team keeping in mind the intensity of the situation. The press releases should contain honest information combined with the effort to showcase the positive aspects of the company. The press releases are then disseminated to the media. The complicated crisis should be explained in a simple way in the news releases in order to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the subject.

Through the releases, organisations should ensure that effective communication takes place between the company and its various stakeholders like employees, customers, society, community, dwelling in widely-scattered geographical areas.

Other stakeholders include government, analysts, media and various other industries. All these stakeholders are essential parts of any organisation, hence it’s crucial to communicate effectively with them, especially those who had to face the brunt of the crisis.

Crisis Communication Strategy

An effective crisis communication strategy, to monitor the crisis communication plan is also fruitful while dealing with a crisis situation.  The strategy manages the various phases of a crisis. The pre-crisis, post-crisis and mid-crisis situations are best dealt with if a meticulously-designed strategy is in place. The strategy should be carefully made before the crisis appears.

During the crisis, swift and speedy communication is of prime importance to divert the situation and prevent it from turning into a corporate catastrophe.  Internal and external communications and monitoring of sensitive news about the company can help tremendously in the situation. Post-crisis is the time when companies need to analyse and assess the crisis in detail so as to avoid such unwanted situations from occurring in the future. This time is of paramount importance as it helps companies understand how the crisis got cultivated and the factors that triggered it further.

Hence, it’s important that during this time, companies inspire their employees, appreciate them for their remarkable performance during the crunch-time and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Crises are an indispensable part of the corporate graph of any company. There are good times when companies witness significant growth but there are also times when unwanted threats pose daunting challenges for organisations. A Public Relations Company assists firms in being pro-active, thus preventing the crises from doing substantial harm to organisations. With an effective crisis communication strategy and plan in place, an enterprise can survive even the worst of the worst situations.


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