eCommerce industry driving the content boom

ecomcontentEarlier this year, the ‘Stories by Flipkart’ portal was talk of the town when it was cleverly used to announce the exit of Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal resuming office as the CEO of the eCommerce giant. Immediately stakeholders were drawn towards the platform that highlights a mix of client and seller stories, along with company news using editorial instead of direct PR.

In the past, businesses have considered using the ‘brand journalism’ to lure audiences, but with Flipkart, it was the first time in India that an attempt was being made to provide wholesome content without using popular information dissemination platforms such as news channels.

PR professionals swear by the Indian eCommerce domain as they feel it is capable of reshaping content in the Indian market.

Is eCommerce driving the current content boom?

The emergence of eCommerce has been pushing the emphasis upon innovative content strategies for stakeholders propelling businesses to take a re-look at content usage. eCommerce websites are emphasising upon the relevance of good content. PR agencies feel that nowadays users are clear about what they want and discounts drive coupon websites.

Realising the relevance of tapping target audience, decided to develop focus-driven content for young mothers through their ‘world of MOMS’ magazine in order to boost revenue.

Content, therefore, for web consumers stands at the top of the sales funnel. This is why content marketers keep the target consumers in mind during the ‘research’ stage. So, irrespective of the industry vertical, businesses are stressing upon the creation and distribution of content using different factors that drive choices, deals and buying decision of the end-users.

Delhi-based PR agencies associated with top travel players say said that a travel company usually prefers to emphasise upon content activities that define different stages of a consumer’s journey. Moreover, consumers favour utility-focussed content, which offers relevant takeaways.

Does content marketing assume relevance in such a scenario?

Content is king. It is important for content marketing to grow rapidly. Prominent players, using online search and marketing efforts to boost revenue, say that content should be closely linked to the overall process as it is capable of driving success.

Is it time to outsource PR and marketing content?

Most businesses in India have displayed their inclination to collaborate with service providers who enjoy creative capabilities in creating customer-centric quality content. PR firms are better positioned, enjoy specialised skills and necessary expertise to offer best results, which in most cases are tough to achieve in-house. Quality should not be compromised where brand vision and business objectives are key.

Is PR content-driven?

It a mixed batch when you consider PR agencies’ focus upon the significance of content. While advertising companies stress upon churning out brand endorsements, PR firms are responsible for deciding the content type that a business should use.

PR professionals manage a brand’s public perception. They, therefore, should decide the content type. Skill enhancement and following latest content marketing techniques are crucial for the world of PR.  

In simple words, the content pie is big and PR companies can grab a larger piece if they narrate an engaging story.

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