Effective ways to handle negative publicity

Effective ways to handle negative publicityBad publicity can happen to anyone and assuming that it won’t ever affect you isn’t an option. No business or brand wants to displease customers but it is how you manage the adverse publicity that can make or break your business. If you brace yourself for crisis in advance, there are improved chances of limiting the damage. As bad publicity is inevitable, understanding the varied effective ways to handle negative publicity will surely help you stay in control of the situation.

In this age of digital revolution, bad publicity travels fast. Hence, it is best to display your business in the right light under all circumstances. Bad publicity can put you out of business, impact the revenue levels and tarnish the image of the brand.

Hence the question that arises is – how should a business react when it is thrust into the spotlight for negative reasons? After all, it is all about restoring the image when things go wrong. 

In this post, we have listed out some key rules to follow when you are doing crisis management.

  • Be Proactive in your Approach

Create awareness about your organisation in the community and offer information about your products and services. Get yourself acquainted with the press to build positive sentiment about your brand. In this regard, hiring a PR agency for reputation building is an excellent idea.

  • Be Honest

When managing bad press, be honest in your responses. It is important to admit your mistakes and throw light on the steps you will be taking to resolve the issue.

  • Focus on Timely Communication

During a crisis situation, keep all your communication lines open and be transparent in your approach. Keep everyone informed such as stakeholders, the media and the audiences. Work towards building your reputation and share constructive information that projects your business in the right light.

  • Build a Recovery Strategy

An effective plan can help in rebuilding the trust. Different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to create a touch base with the audiences. You can also post your official statements on these media channels.

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  • Consider it as an ‘Opportunity’

Criticisms are blessings in disguise. Based on the negative feedback, a business enterprise can bring improvement in their products and service offerings. Using the opportunity to know what went wrong helps in preventing such situations from recurring in the future as organisations, irrespective of their size, have to tackle bad publicity from time to time.

  • Use Reverse SEO for strengthening Online Reputation

Considered among one of the most effective ways to handle negative publicity, reverse SEO is an online reputation management strategy. It pushes negative publicity about a brand/business from the top web search results. Reverse SEO is a time-tested method used for subduing bad publicity.

The best way to avoid PR disasters is to offer great products and services to the clients. If disaster strikes despite this, organisations should be armed adequately to handle it.


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