Emoji Marketing: Making brand messaging impactful

Brands are increasingly keeping a tab on the coveted millennial market because of their ability to influence, growing size, consumers’ rising income levels and ever-increasing appetite for the digital media. With changing times, marketers have shifted their attention to GenZ who grew up in a social, mobile and digitally connected world. Their mode of communication is different from their predecessors — they are inclined towards using text messages and emojis.

Emojis: An impact-worthy mix

Take a text, put in a generous dollop of images, you may add twitter and Facebook for a richer experience, and chat applications – There! You have the recipe for emojis, the right concoction to convey a message or display an emotion. Marketing and PR professionals, in fact, consider emojis the shorthand to engage in effective and impactful communication. Remember, Emojis are picture-dependent unlike emoticons.

Emoji MarketingValue-add for Brands

Brands today realise the power of emojis as an effective ‘language’ and a valid mode of communication. In fact, top PR consulting agencies have been impressing upon businesses the need to leverage emojis for multiple reasons – to communicate with the target audience, display they are open to the adoption of latest communications trends, convey messages, and much more. Emojis’ are simple as well as robust; since they go beyond portraying emotions, these digital images or icons transcend language barriers most effectively. In the process, emojis boost brand recognition and generate positive impressions.

Online PR pros say emojis allow recipients to comprehend the intentions of a success-focussed brand. They can be incorporated into instant messaging applications, texts, emails and social media messages to convey emotions most suitably. Furthermore, proliferation of smart devices has ensured ready acceptability of emojis among marketers.

Brands now look for innovation-focussed ways to lure the clients and audiences. Emojis offer a series of benefits for promotional marketing campaigns – they generate quick recognition, more personalized involvement of the consumers, leverage higher creativity in content and breaks the monotony of the printed word. These, in fact, are all cost-effective reasons for emojis’ adaptation.

Businesses have been using emojis in innovative ways to bring themselves closer to their consumers and influencing their decisions. In this regard, downloadable emojis have been successful ‘tools of persuasion’ particularly in order to unleash the power of digital and retail marketing.  Enterprises have begun introduced such images in the messaging applications and packaging to widen reach and impact.

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Love them or loathe them, emojis have made their presence felt.  So much so that about 6 billion of these cuties are floating around in the virtual world.  According to a recent study undertaken by a group of PR professionals, stated that four out of every 10 millennials prefer to see visuals/pictures rather than read. Understandably there are ample reasons for your brand to consider emojis in your marketing strategy.  Check out the success stories:

  • Domino’s effect:

Domino’s created a lot of buzz among pizza lovers when it allowed consumers to place orders with the pizza emoji. The idea has been well received worldwide.

  • Cruze control:

Chevrolet had used emojis in its marketing campaign for Cruze. The auto major’s press release comprised entirely of emojis for consumers to decode the launch news ahead of it.

  • Communication channel

Emojis can take a simple message to a whole new level. PR agencies in Delhi have been promoting the use of emojis across social media forums such as Twitter, where brands/ businesses are constantly challenged to create short and crisp tweets.

There are tell-tale markets of emojis. Research tells us that the presence of emojis in online communication has a better chance of influencing the consumers/audiences when compared with messages with just sentences. The smart-device armed populace recognizes emojis as a personal and ‘fun’ way to communicate. And there’s the human touch enhanced, too. Trust, confidence, warmth, feeling good – you can celebrate life with emojis in net-enabled world. And marketers have come to recognize their validity!  in their approach. It adds a human touch to digital communications and allows brands to display their personality. Don’t you think?

What’s your favorite emoji?


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