Everyday reputation management tactics businesses should be aware of

For businesses, reputation building is a must. Once an opinion has been formed, changing perception can be tough. Since content lives forever on the Internet, this assumes greater relevance. Thanks to the growing prominence of Social Media, building a reputation is swift and easy. However, attaining the coveted 5-star rating is not a cakewalk and the ability to maintain that position on the web demands hard work. Since the Internet moves fast, any uncalculated steps can hamper your position.

In the past few years, the case of Social Media monitoring has attained phenomenal status. A recent study reveals that sales grow by 1% when negative word of mouth publicity declines by 2%.  Moreover, negative publicity spreads faster. This is one of the reasons why organisations are availing online reputation management services to safeguard themselves against negative publicity.

It would be more appropriate to say that buzz monitoring services for Social Media tracking is important and can minimise the damage. In fact, more businesses are coming forward and spending money on Social Media insurance.

Are you aware what others think of you and your business? Is your reputation less than stellar? Online reputation management services have the potential to fix and prevent PR debacles apart from protecting and promoting the brand from any sort of reputation damage. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, you must realise how reputation management services can be beneficial.

So, if you are on the lookout for cost-efficient solutions, our easy-to-implement guide will improve your online reputation in no time.

  • What you aim (1)What do you aim to track

Decide on the different primary keywords related to your business that you plan to monitor in the online conversations. Some of them can be– company name, company website address, a name of products/ service offerings, the name of the directors, name of the competitors, etc.

  • Set up alerts and relevant searches

Every business owner should run regular searches and set up alerts or RSS feeds so that one is notified when one’s keywords are mentioned. This works when business owners have an RSS reader or homepage where it is possible to aggregate all these details ensuring an easy review.

  • Creating Social Media accountsCreating Social Media accounts

When you feel the need to post a comment about your business/brand, quick response is the best option. Creating accounts across varied Social Media platforms where people are expected to speak about your business/brand/services/products is the best way to counter negative comments.

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  • Building engagement

When eyeing to augment engagement across platforms, follow these rules for best results –

a) Quick responseQuick response 

Real time is not the only thing that defines Social Media. It is possible to snub out misconceptions and fix problems by providing a prompt response. Every business should ensure that their viewpoint is visible to the audiences.

b) Be polite

Earn respect by being polite to the customers. By showing that you are listening to your audiences, earning respect and support from others will become easy.

c) Be pro-active in your approach

To project a positive image, engage in discussions that are related to your business domain. This will ensure visibility for your business without spending a dime.

  • Ask for reviews

The epic popularity of mobile devices is ensuring that consumers enjoy 24/7 web connectivity. It means they have the ability to check out the latest reviews about the products/ services/local businesses despite being on the move. While negative reviews can hamper the bottom line of the business, a lack of reviews can be disastrous. Businesses need to realise that audiences’ reviews bring credibility and build trust.


Experts are of the opinion that Quora is an excellent platform to build a brand’s authority and reputation. Branding professionals across industries are using this popular medium to offer insight into businesses. Many retailers attach a link to the blog post of a particular topic or a client review from their website to enhance people’s understanding of their business.

As the Internet continues to dominate our day-to-day lives, every business owner should understand that Social Media comes with varied downsides and controlling appearance on the web is possible only to an extent. Hence, online makeovers are a common practice among branding professionals to bury negative search results and promote content that accentuates a customer’s desired image.

If you are keen to find out more about this digital disaster fixer-uppers, speak to our Online Reputation Managers for an in-depth understanding. After all, your digital reputation is responsible for creating significant business opportunities.

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