How to generate leads with Social Media

Generate leads with Social MediaIn the recent past, corporate houses and businesses have been using ‘content’ for generating leads on Social Media. But how are they doing it? Simple, by sharing it on Social Media platforms! Yes, Social Media is the perfect tool that can be efficiently used for lead generation only when a business realises its proper usage as it has the potential to keep the followers engaged until they are ready to purchase.

We all know that Social Media content should follow an approach that is a well-balanced mix of being engaging and interesting. It has been noticed that content provokes different responses from the audiences depending on when you are posting and how timely it is.

So, the question that now arises is what types of content have the potential to generate leads with Social Media? In this post, we have listed out some of the top forms of content that can help to generate leads with Social Media.

Humorous content

Most business organisations and companies will be able to find something on Social Media that is worth a good laugh. Studies prove that a witty remark or a joke ensures that the followers remember your name and also encourages them to repost or retweet.

Many companies engage in light-hearted arguments with their peers to boost their presence. Considered as one of the best ways to generate leads, humorous content is not just effective but also brings quick results. But businesses need to ensure that their jokes are non-offensive otherwise they might end up losing followers fast.

Informative content

One of the most important uses of Social Media is to inform the users about a business and its service offerings. As an expert, a business can share plenty of knowledge with their audiences and the sharing of free details ensures that the followers are more receptive to your marketing strategy if they trust your brand.

Posting of content from blogs, sharing of how to videos and ebooks will project you as a trustworthy source and help bag appreciation from the audiences. Developing your own infographics and images helps to attract clients and ensures easy-to-share content across varied platforms.

Thoughtful content

Thought-provoking content makes people talk. The audiences will appreciate your stand when you post an inspiring article. In fact, an interesting post often leads to conversations, discussions, thought and insight-sharing.

Business organisations should understand that the definition of inspirational content varies from one person to another. The key to inspirational content is to think from the audiences’ perspective.

Conversational content

It’s true that Social Media was created for socialising and as your audiences are following you, creating a direct connect with them is not a tough task. Open forums and direct engagement compel people to comment and post.

But, it needs to be ensured by the businesses first that they regularly use Social Media in their day-to-day affairs since it is a two-way street. When someone gets in touch with you through Social Media, it is essential to revert in a respectful manner.

Promotional content

When businesses use Social Media for marketing their products/service offerings, engaging in promotion through content makes sense. There is no denying the fact that Social Media can be a great marketing tool and should be used more often for promotional activities.

Let’s face it; audiences do not prefer businesses that continuously pitch a product to them on an everyday basis. A client feels special when a business makes an effort to nurture his trust. Marketing is not limited to only selling as it also focusses on listening to the client needs. 80% of the marketing posts should be non-promotional and 20% can focus on specific campaigns or announcements.

Every business should pay attention to Social Media as a practical aspect of their marketing strategy. Measuring its efficiency can be tough, but with proper execution, Social Media has the ability to generate concrete leads for any business.

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