Important SEO myths that are worth abandoning this year

all about attaining topmost rankingWith the advent of the internet, the way we view content and how we market it has assumed vital importance as the idea is to capture maximum eyeballs with what you put out online. Despite practitioners terming SEO as an evolving science; its core principles have remained the same. It has been observed that the Internet offers plenty of information about SEO but not everyone has the ability to utilise its full potential. Since SEO is subject to consistent change, some of the common practices like keyword stuffing, link schemes have now become a thing of the past.

For every website, SEO should be the topmost priority. Keeping pace with the recent changes can be a cumbersome task for business owners; hence, it is advisable to get a dedicated SEO professional who enjoys proficiency in this domain. Does that mean an SEO practitioner’s job is to only pump out keyword-optimised content?

The modern-day SEO has moved beyond the go-to approach of keyword stuffing into content and amassing innumerable inbound links.  Although in the last one decade, SEO as a practice has undergone a radical evolution, despite this many web marketers have failed to get the basic concepts right. Aligning the SEO strategy based on search ranking algorithm updates and latest ranking methods can benefit any business tremendously. So, claiming that SEO has only undergone minimal changes would be an understatement. Also over the decade, the myths and misconceptions revolving around SEO have become rampant.

In this post, we have decided to put to rest some of the SEO myths that do the rounds most frequently. So here’s a look at the common SEO myths that are holding you back from achieving success. Update your knowledge today, so that deciding the SEO course of action in 2016 isn’t a hassle. We guarantee that it will help you make necessary changes in your SEO strategy to progress forward.

Myth 1: SEO is all about attaining topmost ranking

This was relevant when Social Media was non-existent and the Internet was still in its nascent stages. In the past, blogs were rampantly used for their own HTML web pages and promotion of unique content. Today, Social Media is closely connected with the content created for unique web pages. Hence, till the time you are able to find your target audience, attaining the number one ranking isn’t all that important.

Myth 2: SEO is majorly impacted by meta descriptions

Don’t spend a lot of time making corrections and alterations in the meta tags with the aim to attain relevance to the content. The main role of meta descriptions in 2016 is to make the content visible in search engine display. At the end of the day, let the content decide the course of action. A brief meta description should be able to sum up the overall content of a page.

Myth 3: Local SEO isn’t really relevant 

There’s no denying that more audiences are using their mobile Internet on the move to search for nearby coffee shops, bookstores and more. Due to the jump in the spontaneous searches, boosting your local presence is crucial, mainly when most businesses are surrounded by their competitors geographically.

Myth 4: Mobile optimisation strategy can be avoided

Users around the globe are not just downloading applications, but are also exploring the deep-links. This is one of the primary reasons why the mobile optimisation strategy should not be neglected. Many businesses are fast losing conversions due to poor mobile website performance.

Myth 5: User experience isn’t important

The success rate of SEO is driven by the click-through rate (CTR) or the time spent by the audiences navigating pages and content. When a business is able to maintain a steady growth in its web traffic or bolster clientele base, it is definite that the ‘easy to use’ interface is one of the reasons for its success.

Myth 6: Focus on links instead of quality content

When it comes to SEO, content is king and this trend will continue in the coming months as well. Yes, link building is crucial in regard to SEO but its relevance has declined considerably in the last few years. The Google Penguin update has stated that the quality of links is far more important in comparison to the actual count of links, emphasising on the relevance of quality content.

Myth 7: Automation has the ability to cover all your requirements

In the last few years, this myth attained popularity status as people are consistently eyeing quick ways to make money. It is important to remember that shortcuts and automation can never replace the work done by top-notch SEO and marketing practitioners. Also, nobody can automate SEO.

Myth 8: SEO changes are not worth it

There are many who are of the opinion that SEO is a waste of time and money due to the frequent algorithm changes. It isn’t true. Since SEO evolves consistently, it becomes all the more essential to stay updated with the recent trends. If you ignore SEO, your business will end up losing search ranking in Google.

Myth 9: App store optimisation (ASO) ratings drive rankings

Nowadays, ASO rankings are of great importance to mobile app developers. One of the biggest myths surrounding SEO is that ratings have the ability to bring higher rankings and ratings are of utmost relevance. The truth of the matter is that ratings do not drive rankings. This holds true across all platforms.

Myth 10: SEO can’t be measured

Always remember that SEO isn’t something that can be used for developing an ROI model. But there are many other things that can be successfully done using SEO. Apart from tracking the traffic to the website, SEO can be used for reviewing the bounce rate as well. Moreover, adding SEO to the website ensures that the content visibility is available in front of the right audiences.


Love it or hate it, SEO has attained more relevance than before. It is not just powerful, but also effective and beneficial. Every business should ensure investment in SEO so that it is able to grab eyeballs at the right time. Experts state that if you are keen to keep your page rank higher and want to be easily found by your target audiences, implement the latest SEO practices.

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