Quick ways to increase engagement across the YouTube channel

YouTube’s live streamingDo you consider Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the only relevant social sites? Think again. What about YouTube? In the past few days, videos have emerged as the most shared form of social content that constantly supports varied modes of communication such as curated posts, blogs, infographics and more. Video presence is necessary across the web and also a key tool for implementing social and business interaction in today’s time. It won’t be incorrect to state that YouTube is a medium of relevance as it allows businesses to easily engage with the audiences for easy information and content sharing.

The question that arises now is– How to effectively use this platform and what is the best way to maintain consistency? We suggest creating a schedule that the content subscribers do not feel hesitant to rely upon. Consistency is all about posting content on a regular basis.

Reports suggest that YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors every month and is also considered as one of the most popular search engines. Recently, Alexa observed that video-sharing platform YouTube is the third most popular website across the globe and second most popular search engine after Google. Global advertising enterprises are of the opinion that YouTube is more frequently used by adults as compared to any other platform. Hence, businesses that master the art of YouTube marketing can surely tap the target audiences.

Varied business enterprises feel pressurised by the growing prospect of making use of YouTube due to the complexity associated with it.

Driving views is one of the greatest things about the online video industry. While having this ability is crucial and also important for achieving success, we believe that producing engaging content is equally necessary for retaining success in the long run. Using tricks to drive millions of views is common, but if you fail to build a connect with the audiences, views won’t serve the purpose.

Believe it or not, but embedding YouTube videos within emails can enhance the conversion rate by approximately 50%. So, without further ado, brands should successfully leverage this popular video-sharing platform to their advantage for maximising sales and traffic.

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In this post, we will be discussing some of the easiest ways to enhance YouTube Channel engagement that will allow diversification of the viewership apart from ensuring long-term client retention and propelling lead generation.

  • Consistency and dependability

Many feel that updating quality content on YouTube can ensure traffic augmentation in the shortest possible time. However, a consistent approach helps to enhance the audience return rate, which also boosts the engagement level considerably. Market experts are of the opinion that YouTube is one of the most efficient ways to augment engagement apart from being a dependable source of entertainment and information. The audiences should be aware that follow ups is a regular day-to-day affair and consistency will only strengthen its efficiency further.

  • Talking to your audiences

Always look for possible ways to speak to the audience. It is important that businesses adopt the same approach for online engagement used for carrying out face to face conversation. To make things work in the right direction, two-way conversations are most beneficial to attain desired results. It also needs to be ensured that brands respond to the audiences via their respective Social Media pages. If businesses are not keen to engage with the audiences, they won’t engage with you either.

  • Relevance of ‘Call-to-actions’ and annotations

‘Call-to-actions’ will ensure easy subscription to the different Social Media channels of brands. The annotation feature is a great way to add additional links to a video. Although YouTube does not allow external links in their annotations, businesses can still link the subscribing URL or other relevant videos.

  • Content promotion on other relevant Social Media channels

Since YouTube ranks higher on the viewers’ list, DIY video promotion can be used. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Blog, company website for video display.

  • YouTube’s live streaming feature

This allows businesses to connect with the newest and committed viewers both. The advantageous tool should be used more often for carrying out live discussion and augmenting views on the channel.


  • Video update during highest engagement

Uploading videos during the peak time of engagement on YouTube can boost not only engagement but also drive interactions and views. To maximise the views, update videos on Wednesday and Thursday during the afternoon hours.

youtube channelsConclusion

Marketing professionals should consider using the YouTube platform more frequently. Even if you do not have ample time to develop videos, use those videos that are already available within the network.

If you haven’t yet started doing it, we suggest creating a channel at the earliest and connecting with the audiences. Not only are they able to boost traffic and sales, but these videos can be used for branding purposes as they enjoy good ranking on Google.

Got any alternative ideas to boost YouTube engagement? Please share them in the comments section below.

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