Success Story – Snapdeal

Snapdeal ==

Value 360 Communications also played a very important part as a strategic Public Relations and Communications partner through the many stages of evolution of the company. Snapdeal, first, pivoted itself to become an inventory-led leader in the e-commerce segment and it finally repositioned itself as a marketplace model. By ensuring adequate media visibility for their key communications, we as a public relations agency, were able to firmly foster the identity of the brand in the consumer mindscape.

The challenge we faced while working on clients like was that during its nascent stages, the concept of e-commerce as a journalistic beat didn’t exist. Therefore, the media outreach process wasn’t a straightforward one by any measure and the basic function of tapping various publications had to be carefully strategised and thought out. We created traction around investment-related stories, consumer campaigns and CSR initiatives amongst others.

As a part of our services, we also devised various innovative and tactical campaigns for Snapdeal and some of them received a tremendous response from the media and the public alike. For instance, Snapdeal adopted a village called Shiv Nagar, in Uttar Pradesh and rechristened it as ‘Snapdeal Nagar’. It developed the village’s infrastructure, including installation of water pumps and supported the local school and hospital. This initiative was picked up enthusiastically by both national and regional media creating a significant buzz around the brand. Similarly, we designed a campaign for Snapdeal on Valentine’s Day wherein it partnered with Durex to sell condoms at Re 1. Thanks to the media blitz, Snapdeal and Durex became trending topics on twitter and the site witnessed a record number of visitors.

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