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It is easy to mix up – if you put aside the draw and visibility of bylines — the roles and responsibilities of a journalist and a publicist. There’s no denying that both the positions demand extensive writing skills, ability to interview subjects and build relationships, but the objectives

Five years from now, I wonder if you’d be reading this post, or watching it. As digital video continues its inimitable rise, it’s rather an interesting question to ponder. Studies show there is a growing number of businesses that are already making use of this popular medium – a

In this new age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything is connected to the world around us by virtue of devices and data, this whole new Godzilla of information bombardment is Big Data. According to IBM, “Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so

Developing content for a perfect blog post is a different ball game altogether as compared to tweets or Facebook posts. One can read and read reams of articles detailing how to create the perfect post but there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel and beginning a journey – a

Conventional wisdom suggests that corporate brand building is all about bringing value to a business by using popular tactics such as awareness, loyalty and preference. While consistency is an integral part of the corporate brand building, the principle that branding ensures company’s long-term survival and market leadership form the