Public Relations

Marketing and Public Relations are both instrumental to the success and healthy sustenance of a company. Conventionally, Marketing refers to the process through which a company communicates the value of the product to its customers in order to eventually spike the sales and satisfy its patrons. It focusses on

People often get confused with the terms, ‘Media Relations’ and ‘Public Relations’ as they seem to exude similar meaning but in reality, are two different terms. Many professionals do not understand the correct usage and end up treating these expressions in the wrong context. This blog post provides an

Public Relations in India has experienced phenomenal growth since the 1990s. Over the years, as companies realized the rising importance of communicating efficiently with their target audience and increasing their brand presence, they began to opt for Public Relations to fulfill all their publicity requirements. ‘Public Relations’ refers to

What is a PR Firm? Public Relations is a dynamic field that involves promoting the image of organisations in a planned manner. Every company no matter how big or small thrives on the goodwill it creates for itself to sustain the cut-throat competition and climb the ladder of success.