Tech industry is embracing the PR industry

Tech organizations hire communication experts to explain their technology in ways that potential customers, investors and consumers can read and understand. They also sorely require the very attributes that you already possess, including writing persuasively, distilling facts into key messages and crafting PR stories to gain reporters interest. Too often, tech startups and organizations suffer from the curse of knowledge. Their leaders are too close to the subject and know all the ins and outs of their software or mobile app. What’s required is an outsider’s viewpoint in the industry that promotes itself via good PR Services. Communicating tech messages to journalists and analysts requires a broader perspective and a storytelling framework—not more detail on the product’s speeds and feeds. Here’s a quick litmus test: If describe what your organization does to your mother and she doesn’t understand it, go back to the drawing board. A bachelor’s degree in communications or another humanities subject gives you a well-rounded liberal arts education, and many communications degrees also provide added training that can give you a leg up in the technology industry. Silicon Valley’s tech organizations are seeking employees with communication and writing skills. Technology is a hot topic which PR Services are looking at in a big way to get the businesses increasing and the companies selling and the brand values going bigger as they can be.

Tech industry is embracing the PR industry

PR for tech is going big in a big way as well

If you think that working in technology communications isn’t exciting, think again. There are the major announcements happening on a regular basis in the tech world that affect practically every organization. Every day, reporters write articles about how artificial intelligence is changing businesses; how sophisticated machine learning replaces the jobs of several people; and how the Internet of Things connects door locks, thermostats and ceiling fans for easy access via an app. The sports world, hospitality market and even Hollywood movies are touched by technology. Organizations worldwide use technology to connect and innovate. Tech startups tend to have small marketing communications budgets, making it difficult to hire PR pros with years of experience. Instead, these organizations can—and often do—hire new college graduates or communicators who jump into Technology PR from another career. You might not have lots of experience launching products, conducting content marketing campaigns or tracking analytics of an organization’s social media, but don’t be intimidated.

Tech industry is embracing the PR industry2

Think of your first tech PR job as a slightly higher-paid extension of a college internship. If you are transitioning to PR from another career, your experience in another industry gives you a valuable point of view to bring to the table. You can hone your skills at many different communications duties. You can conduct product launches, pitch story ideas to editors, write multiple blog posts and contributed articles and post brand messages on social media channels. A position in tech PR is fast, the expectations are high and your chance to learn is great.



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