Turning clients into brand advocates

Brand AdvocateCompetition among businesses in the current global and ultra-connected world is Godzilla. New ideas and enterprises are launched daily, yet 90% of the businesses are unable to make a mark. So how should an enterprise/brand ensure it is part of the successful 10%? One of the quickest and sure-shot ways is to focus on effective ways to turn clients into viable brand advocates.

Motivating customers to do something for your brand is an uphill task. Nonetheless, when you succeed with a client who prefers your brand, he develops an affinity for what your business gives them and wants others like him to benefit from you too. This is one of the reasons why PR consulting agencies push businesses to focus upon personalised rapport building.

Understanding brand advocacy is key as it is a primary ensurer of long-term growth, motivating the audiences who already love your brand to become advocates for your brand, for a lifetime.

  • Give a reason to audiences to feel grateful towards your brand

Online PR companies promoting the concept of brand advocacy are of the opinion that companies should aim to offer top-notch products/services and meet the consumers’ demand.  Quality is the magic word here.

It is best to give a face to your brand that shows to which extent you are ready to meet the requirement of consumers. PR consulting agencies feel that every enterprise should look for opportunities to eliminate challenges consumers face in their day-to-day routine.

  • Pay AttensionOffer help to audiences throughout the purchasing process

Your company/brand should keep a constant lookout for opportunities to make it worthy for consumers and brand advocates to opt for your services/products.

Does your audience want to purchase your products online? How often do they need the help of your customer care team? Are consumers keen tSo connect with you offline or in the retail locations? PR agencies that vouch for brand advocacy feel that every business enterprise should find out when their audience wants to purchase from them and choose interactive engagements and make the process fun!

  • No consumer wants to go for a brand that offers bland messages

Brand advocacy can do wonders for any business as consumers choose to share their feedback via social media to inform other prospects or existing customers.

Since consumers are for whom businesses are conducted, creating a brand advocacy program is the best foot forward, say the PR practitioners. This program will come in handy and allow consumers to communicate with brand advocates.

Choose those consumers as brand advocates who have already made their presence felt by referring a friend, or shared their opinion about a product or services. It is essential for businesses to boost transparency and advocacy to leverage its full potential.

  • Be grateful!

Being thankful adds to the warmth in every relationship. So it does between you and your consumers. Thank the brand advocates when they speak in your favour. Businesses can also leverage technology to track and manage every brand advocate’s activity to appreciate and reward whenever these “friends of your brand” do something for you.

Usually, big conglomerates and MNCs keep a tab on the brand advocates activity in real time to ensure long-term association.

  • Say Thank YouPay attention and listen!

Show your appreciation to the brand advocates by listening to what they say about your offerings/services. Sometimes they may go overboard with criticism but understand that in their critical stings lie the opportunity for you to better yourself and raise the bar.  It is key for businesses to bag insightful data with growth in brand advocacy.

When a business makes a genuine effort to listen to brand advocates, loyalty and engagement get enhanced, definitely a win-win situation.

Leveraging these popular tactics can ensure loyalty, higher productivity and ROI growth.

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