What is a PR Firm and What does a Public Relations firm do?

Info on what does a public relations firm do

What is a PR Firm?

Public Relations is a dynamic field that involves promoting the image of organisations in a planned manner. Every company no matter how big or small thrives on the goodwill it creates for itself to sustain the cut-throat competition and climb the ladder of success. People have innumerable questions about what is a PR firm and what it does.

PR firms do the work of assisting companies in building a good reputation by providing media coverage on a regular basis on different mass media like television, magazines, newspaper, radio, websites etc. They communicate with consumers on behalf of the company and act as an intermediary between the company and its stakeholders.

PR agencies bring into limelight the products and services provided by companies, any event happening or informing patrons about new launches.

Need to know more? Here’s a snapshot of what Public Relations firm does.

What does a Public Relations (PR) Firm do?

Strategic Counseling
PR firms provide strategic counseling to companies in order to build a sturdy image in the market and also help them grow at a fast rate. Firstly they understand the immediate as well as long term goals of the company, business strategy and the values with which it operates. Then communication strategies are created to suit the company’s needs and expectations. It also involves devising and positioning strategies for building a good rapport between the company and the target audience.

Media visibility
One of the main roles of PR firms is to elevate the media visibility of companies they work for. It then results in top of the mind recall for the products and services of the company, bolstering the presence of the brand name in the market.

Media Relations
A PR firm maintains good relations with the media be it Print, Digital or Electronic. These healthy relations further ensure that companies get good coverage and visibility. A PR Company is well-informed about different media and to add to this, the friendly and professional relationship between media and PR agencies works to the utmost advantage of organisations.

Multi-dimensional communication
Public Relation companies reach out to widely scattered audiences and spread information regarding latest launches and innovations of the company. The competence of PR firms in multi-channel communication helps them widen the horizon of their clients.

Trend Tapping
PR agencies keep a tab on current trends and write stories accordingly to give its clients a perfect edge over other companies when it comes to the published work.

Maximising Mileage
The well-planned media strategies devised by PR firms help in positioning brand image of organisations. The strategies also make the company-consumer communication more effective and increase the exposure of companies in different media.

Agencies execute umpteen tasks in their day to day Public Relations (PR) functions. They help in the overall growth of the organisation like organising press conferences, writing Press Releases to be disseminated among various newspapers, conducting events and also building a good image of the company. They operate in sync with their clients’ requirements and strive to generate a positive image of the company in the eyes of potential customers.  Apart from this, they also use online platforms like facebook and twitter to communicate with their target audience. Blogging is another popular way to communicate with stakeholders nowadays.

A PR services providing company manages the perception of consumers about companies and has the power to even transform it. Every organisation at some time or the other has to confront crisis or bear its brunt later on. Agencies ensure that the negativity about the company is managed effectively and only the positive image is showcased to the target audience.

Apart from this, PR firms talk to media on a continuous basis and send press releases and pitch notes to be covered. They use tools like news releases, statements for media, public events, conferences, conventions, among others to strengthen the image of the company. The crux is that Public Relations is a dynamic field that envelopes scores of activities undertaken by individuals and organisations by showcasing a reputable image among customers, investors, media, employees to name a few.

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