What is Crisis Communication and what is its need?

about crisis communicationCrisis Communication is an aspect of Public Relations that is carefully-designed to shield companies whose reputation is at stake. It protects individuals, companies and organisations against the unwanted threats that might hamper their goodwill in the market. This blog post gives an in-depth explanation about ‘What is Crisis Communication’. Crisis communication is engineered to wrestle with crises and reduce their impact on the company and its public image. It is both preventive as well as predictive in nature as it foresees threats that might appear in the future. It is adept at lessening the damage caused to the organisation and averting an event from becoming a crisis.

Effective Crisis Communication

A properly planned crisis communication involves creating strategies and taking initiatives to lower the impact of a crisis and to replenish the brand image of the organisation. Besides this, it also helps in preparing companies in advance to confront any kind of corporate mess by developing real-time sombre situations that keep organisations on their toes.

Positive brand image is one of the most cherished assets of an organisation. Hence companies embrace crisis communication to ward off unwanted challenges and save their reputation from getting tarnished and maintain their credibility in the market. It tackles negative-earned media with great precision and finesse.

An effective crisis communication includes disseminating true and honest information to the public, responding swiftly to a situation, taking responsibility of a situation and taking quick decisions to deal with the problem. The trinity of knowledge, quick response and ownership of the situation makes for a perfect crisis communication strategy that wipes out the detrimental impacts of a crisis to a great extent.

Need of Crisis Communication Management

Crisis Communications Management is a meticulously-engineered procedure to reduce or avert the repercussions of a crisis on the company and its stakeholders. It is one of the most essential functions of a company.

It involves three phases namely, Pre-crisis, Crisis-response and Post-crisis.

  • The Pre-crisis is directed at Prevention and Preparation for any crisis.
  • The Crisis-response is the stage when the company reacts to a crunch.
  • Lastly, the phase of Post-crisis searches for new ways to prepare for any crisis happening in the future.

For an effective management, companies have to adhere to a Crisis Management plan (CMP) that comprises crucial contact information, reminders of the steps to be taken in a crisis and how to document the crisis response. It saves a considerable amount of time and makes the management much easier by pre-collecting information and pre-assigning tasks. This way it acts as a reference while managing a crisis.

The need of Crisis communication management cannot be neglected by companies as the same might lead to a catastrophic situation, eventually harming organisations and their stakeholders.

A highly-skilled management team is of paramount importance for dealing with any kind of imbroglio. A team how much ever knowledgeable it may be, is not valuable unless and until it is put to a test that confirms its ability to tackle a crisis.

There is one more thing related to crisis i.e. Crisis Response which refers to the reaction of the organisation after the crisis hits the company. This is where a Public Relations Agency plays a key role in managing crisis by sending out positive messages about the company to the public. Crisis usually results in an information gap being created which can be filled by disseminating positive messages to the media.

The organisations that are the victim of a disastrous situation, should speak to the media urgently or else other entities might spread unreliable and inaccurate information to the media. Hence it is important that the crisis managers respond quickly to the media to avoid succumbing to the trap.

Public Relations Professionals are a vital part of a Crisis management team as they are the ones who monitor the kind of information that is being sent to the media. In a nutshell, Crisis Management is integral to the proper functioning of an organisation as without this in place, companies cannot survive the fierce competition in the market.

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