What is Digital PR?

Digital public relations (PR)Public Relations (PR) is an ever evolving industry that deals with promoting the ideas, activities, and interests of a company. It creates and maintains a positive public image to increase public awareness.

The evolution of the internet has had a huge effect on public relations and has led to the creation of Digital PR. So what is Digital PR and how can it be used effectively in today’s constantly changing market?

When PR was first implemented, firms focused on gaining publicity and building image by using different types of media to promote their clients. There were drawbacks to this as Public Relations firms were more dependent on the media and it was hard to reach a broad customer base and keep the information available for long periods of time. Digital Public Relations (PR) has had a direct result on the way PR agencies conduct business for their customers.

Digital Public Relations

The rise of the internet has made this a much more dynamic field that allows business entities to get their information to a much broader range of people and to keep the information available for longer periods of time.

No longer are firms reliant on a press release in newspapers or magazines that are replaced by the next issue.  Search Engines like Google have allowed the information to be found easily and quickly with just a few words typed by anyone looking for information on a particular company or subject. There are several things that are key tools to successful digital PR such as social media, search engine optimisation, and blogs.

Social Media

Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow information to be sent out quickly to a wide range of people. An understanding of social media promotion is vital to the success of digital PR.

The introduction of mobile devices and smartphones mean that people have information at their fingertips all of the time. It is easy for PR firm to create relationships with fans, optimise social media content, create positive media and control any negative brand attention by utilizing social media.

Search Engine Optimisation

An understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and keywords optimizing news content is essential for digital PR professionals as search is the most utilized method for finding information online. It is easy for news content like video, images, and press releases to be optimized by ensuring that keywords and popular phrases are attached to them.

Improving search visibility not only helps marketing efforts, but it also creates an online reputation and can attract journalists, analysts and bloggers researching your industry.


When done correctly, a company blog is a very effective PR tool. A company blog is a great opportunity to create and publish content that attracts an audience that can then be sent to the site. By using online promotion tactics in the blog, it can be easily found by people looking for information and shared throughout the blogging community as well as people like journalists researching information.

Hiring a firm for Public Relations services is an important part when looking for someone to represent your company or interests but it is also important to make sure that they are savvy to employ these tools when launching a successful public relations campaign.

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