What is Public Relations?

what is pr and role of public relationsThe term ‘Public Relations’, clearly states that it is a practice which ensures that the company’s reputation is shielded from negative media and a positive image is showcased to its target audience. Companies have still not embraced ‘Public Relations’ with full conviction. They often misunderstand the concept and come up with different definitions of Public Relations. This blog post provides a bird’s-eye view on ‘What is Public Relations’.

The cut-throat competition today has triggered firms to leave no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining brand image and developing an unmatched reputation.

In order to sustain themselves in the fiercely competitive market, it is essential for companies to adopt Public Relations (PR) for fulfilling all their publicity and branding needs. PR informs the target audience about the happenings of the company and spreads a good vibe for it in the market.

Let’s look at the critical aspects that help us examine ‘What is Public Relations’.

Role of Public Relations

The PR services that fall under the gamut of Public Relations are building rapport with the media, communicating at press conferences and seminars, creating appropriate content to position the brand, undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, organising shows and events, launching innovative PR campaigns in order to attract the customers and retaining them.

Public Relations makes the public aware of the positive image of an organisation by ensuring that the message reaches the audience on time. It also ensures that the audience accepts the message and gives feedback in accordance with it. PR agencies are adept at bringing the salient features of the company in to light.

The role of Public Relations is multi-faceted as it provides companies with scores of branding solutions in order to highlight its strengths and play down its weaknesses.

What is PR and what it can do?

  • Public Relations Company aids organisations in maintaining their goodwill by providing them with considerable media coverage from time to time on print, digital as well as electronic mediums.
  • PR agencies draw the consumers’ attention towards the products and services offered by the company, events of latest launches and any such valuable information.
  • They provide strategic counselling to enhance the company’s growth by devising effective communication strategies that are in sync with the organisation’s goals. They escalate the media visibility of companies by positioning and repositioning the brand name in the market. Also, they retain healthy professional relations with the media and ensure multi-dimensional communication in order to disseminate key messages to the widely-dispersed target audience.
  • They strive to deliver compelling and engaging content that is in tune with the latest trends in order to build a connection between the company and its consumers. Besides this, they make it a point to elevate the media coverage of companies and communicate effectively with the public.

Public Relations firms function in conjunction with the companies’ requirements and develop unrivalled reputation of the company. The in-depth insights, unparalleled expertise and the strategic rigour of PR firms help organisations flourish in the competitive market. They make use of online social media platforms like Facebook and twitter to ensure top-of-the-mind brand recall and increase the visibility of the brand. Besides this, the firms are also taking up blogging to communicate with the target audience. Social media presence and healthy engagement with its target audience has helped PR firms build a robust reputation for a company as well as establish credibility for its services.

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Besides this, PR firms invigorate the relationship between a company and its stakeholders, employees, target audience etc. For effective communication, they utilise tools like statements for media, public events, conferences, news releases and conventions to strengthen the brand’s presence in the market.  They thus serve as intermediaries between companies and the public.

In a nutshell: What is PR?
Public Relations is a full-fledged field that embodies various activities directed towards cultivating and retaining positive image of the organisation in the eyes of its patrons and formulating ground-breaking strategies for escalating its brand visibility. It is of prime importance as it safeguards the company from negativities and also fortifies it against any kind of crisis.


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