Which PR strategies should first-time entrepreneurs know about

Are you a startup CEO? Looking for some effective startup PR strategies to create buzz about your venture? It has been noticed that first-time entrepreneurs taking a plunge in the startup world are most often found to be ‘confused’ about what to look for when hiring a Public Relations firm to build brand awareness.

If you are planning to take the agency route or onboard a PR firm, we guarantee a few common questions like have you started communicating with the press? Is the top-notch journalist ready to cover your business in his/her publication? Are you getting sleepless nights over creating a successful startup pitch? These doubts should be sorted out before going ahead.

Since first-time entrepreneurs don’t know where to start, they prefer to appoint different resources to handle multiple functions such as sales executives to meet marketing objectives, accountants to handle financial nitty-gritty, PR practitioners to take care of client servicing issues, etc.

There’s no denying that in the past few years, organisational and business cycles have shrunk considerably and today the foremost challenge faced by PR agencies is to maintain the right pace when opting for collaboration. Due to the consistently changing professional landscape, it is mandatory for the startups to get off the right foot with their marketing, branding and PR efforts. Making a startup get ready for the PR blitz is no easy task and requires an in-depth understanding of the best PR strategies.

There’s no doubt about the fact that PR is demanding, thanks to Digital Media. Since consumers consistently access varied online channels, maintaining visibility can be cumbersome for newly-minted entrepreneurs. Most startups want a big PR splash, but do not know how to ensure their debut isn’t a bust. Doing it the wrong way could hamper the brand value significantly. Hence, it is suggested that startups should avoid the limelight until the complete conceptualisation of the idea is done.

Our in-house experts feel that every startup entity should capitalise on the below mentioned simple, yet effective, best PR strategies to get the word out and maximise their ROI.

  • Testimonials are your best friend Testimonials are your best friend

For every entrepreneur, testimonials are an absolute must-have and in no situation should be avoided. Some of the common benefits of inbound testimonials comprise enhanced brand visibility, user trust, SEO authority along with the enhanced chances of becoming viral via a campaign or product/service.

Every new age entrepreneur should encourage clients/users to post testimonials (written or video formats) for platforms such as Social Media, websites and external sites. Among the varied PR strategies for startups, rewarding the clients is an effective way to make them share their opinion. Starting a consistent flow of client testimonials is a time-tested and cost-efficient way to initiate PR efforts.

Since clients prefer other users’ reviews, building a brand reputation through customer reviews should be used often.

  • Use press releases to maximise business potentialUse press releases to maximise business potential

Always have a plan/strategy while submitting a press release. Since press releases are published on newsworthy websites, they are treated as a great source of external links for SEO purpose. Shared readership boosts brand visibility and can be used multiple times.

If you are developing and disbursing your press releases on a consistent basis, there is potential to tap them for extra PR value. For instance, by adding an additional feature, the press release can be treated as a blog entry as well. Many companies also repurpose a press release into a White Paper to maximise the complete value of the press release.

Moreover, media results from PR help provide a startup with reinforcement, legitimise the entity and garner business.

  • Spend ten minutes on social media regularly

Keeping pace with the non-stop Social Media noise is not at all easy. Instead of going through all the different Social Media posts, use your time wisely. Just spare ten minutes every day for the purpose of Social Media browsing.

Sparing some time on a regular basis will be helpful to understand what is happening around you and influence followers. Although answering all the queries is not achievable, positioning your brand as client-centric is attainable.

  • Strategies that focus on achieving success

It is a common trend among startups to target all the demographics to maximise reach, but a first-time entrepreneur should avoid such pitfalls. It is always better to narrow down your strategy to fewer things with guaranteed success rate instead of focussing on multiple ones that come with low success rate.

For instance, when a startup aims to enhance its following across varied Social Media platforms, the founder should aim to build an audience base. There are high chances that in the initial stages, the audience base will be small but we guarantee that this clientele base will be loyal, enthusiastic and keen to know about your business offerings/services.

One of the most efficient ways to bag complete value of PR is by engaging in strategic messaging. The marketing gurus are of the opinion that every startup founder should participate and contribute in community events to maximise reach and bolster presence. Believe it or not, this has been named as one of the best PR strategies last year.

  • Influencing through influencers

This is one of the most common ways of leveraging the power of influencers to do PR for any startup organisation. Since most first-time entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time to understand customer requirements and make significant changes accordingly, allowing the influencers to create buzz about your enterprise will be helpful to save time and maintain focus.

For instance, you can ask an industry leader with a strong followers’ base to tweet about your venture or probably share a link to your latest press release. In recent times, many startups have used this tactic to build awareness and gain access to the existing audience base.


There’s no denying that startups are still new or warming up to the concept of PR, but the value proposition offered by Public Relations is large. Considering PR as a mere marketing function is inappropriate as it should be treated as a business functionary as well.

Since most new ventures face a financial crunch to bring on board a PR firm, these PR strategies for startups should be judiciously used to ensure success. The rewards associated with PR are undeniable and hence not having a PR strategy in place is not an option.

PR, when done right, can successfully align with startup growth. Creating a buzz is crucial and only a workable PR strategy can offer the highest ROI.

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