Why hire a publicist for your business

Top Reasons on why hire a publicistMany business houses often ask themselves if they need a publicist. The truth is if a company finds itself asking this question frequently, chances are it needs one quite urgently. This is because there are innumerable stories and varied opportunities which can go unnoticed if you do not understand the rules of the game. Business organisations start their marketing campaign with little or no knowledge of getting the attention of the media. So, if you plan to hire a publicist for your business, it will surely increase your exposure to the marketplace.

In the past few years, the concept of publicity has undergone major changes. With innumerable companies vying for attention, the pitching windows have narrowed down considerably. To attain continuous success, every business owner should realise how publicists garner media attention. Usually, it is a compilation of varied tasks undertaken by publicists that help them attain traction.

It is crucial to realise what a publicist’s job entails before hiring one. In contrast to the popular belief, a publicist never just sends out email blasts. The role of a publicist is to act as the spokesperson/connector or the persons responsible for getting your message to the audiences in a way that will positively affect the bottom line of a company.

A good publicist will be able to open doors of opportunity and also get you noticed by the media practitioners. Although the right professional can do wonders for your brand, if you hire a publicist for your business thinking he/she would launch you into stardom despite a poor product/service offering, then you are mistaken.

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The role of a publicist is to help an organisation craft and tell their story in a compelling manner to the audiences. He/she ensures that your brand is packaged in the most unique fashion and details are never missed. Publicists also secure media coverage for businesses at the right time.

Having a great publicist for your brand is considered to be a great asset. Here we have listed out a few suggestions that will help you decide if it is the right time to hire a publicist for your business.

  • Looking for exposure

When you are certain that the audiences must know about your brand/product, Public Relations is the best way to spread awareness. Advertising your product on TV is always more effective compared to a magazine interview or news article. Audiences are influenced more when they hear about something on a TV or radio show. PR efforts enjoy the ability to expose a business to all types of media.

An efficient publicist will help you tell the world about your enterprise in the most effective manner along with invoking the public’s interest.

  • Advertising is an expensive affair

Although ads can easily influence and are a great way to attract the audiences’ attention, they usually come with a hefty price tag. Via good PR efforts, a publicist will be able to create a quick connect with the audiences at a much smaller fraction of the ad cost.

  • Lack of time to DIY

Since PR is a time consuming process hence it is best to hire professionals for guaranteed results. PR demands effective ideas to be generated. A good publicist is positioned to handle PR campaigns, take care of promotional activities and help you conduct business as usual.

  • Understand the importance of a media kit

Business organisations have no or very little understanding of how to unveil a robust PR campaign. Hiring a publicist will save time and money. Writing a press release requires knowledge. An efficient publicist is able to view things not just from the company’s perspective but also from the audience’s view point.

  • Bring credibility

It is a known fact that hiring a publicist helps to bolster credibility of an enterprise. This shows that you are serious about creating brand awareness.

Every business owner aims to keep their vision streamlined and costs down, but taking on unfamiliar duties can hamper success, time and resources due to the absence of expertise. Hence, hiring a good publicist from a top Public Relations agency is a good idea to achieve the broadest possible exposure to relevant consumers.


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