Why PR automation assumes importance

2Imagine you create a media pitch and it is automatically sent to journalists? As unbelievable as it may sound but there are many PR functions that can be automated. In fact, many top PR firms in Delhi are providing a series of personalised services with the focus upon automation to curtail the grunt work in PR.

Industry veterans say PR practitioners should venture into the PR automation world, which is treated as a sub-set of the marketing automation domain. The focus is not upon ‘automating PR’ but ensure technology helps PR professionals be efficient in their roles and not just manage media lists. Understanding who to engage with and how to initiate a conversation is crucial and necessary.

At this moment, PR pros should spend their time judiciously on multiple tasks such as – creative ability, content creation and boosting community engagement. It has been seen that with changing times, the data service providers understand media functionary and amalgamate Web, technology and Big Data to offer media intelligence and key insights. In simple words, automation is expected to play a key role in the PR space. Anything that functions like an algorithm in a PR practitioner’s head is possible to be automated.

In the coming years, automation is expected to assume centre stage in PR industry starting from developing lists to tracking, from judging to analysing as everything can be automated. One can say that fast progression is taking place in the world of PR where tools will be developed to achieve PR automation.

India’s top PR agencies have displayed their keenness to automate their media coverage reports. Delhi-based top PR firms also vouch for automation as it allows generation of media list based on multiple factors – like brand, industry – and target them accordingly.

1-1Public relations need automation as it is capable of taking away the tediousness of media relations. Technology needs to empower the PR domain. As young professionals from diverse industry verticals enter PR, it becomes important to project Public Relations in the right light to ensure its speedy adoption.

Since content is an imperative part of the PR industry, communication pros often encounter the challenges such as the creation of  online/social media friendly content that is relevant, informative, interactive, search engine optimised and capable of driving engagement with the target audiences.

Although PR professionals usually leverage mass distribution platforms with the aim to fine-tune content disbursement, the skill required to pitch a story is definitely not easy to automate.

Is it possible to automate PR pitch

Since Public Relations as an industry offers artisanal and hand-crafted service currently functions within a digital media realm that emphasises upon rewarding scale. It is known to all that advertising firms, SEO service providers, social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter understand the role of technology that can scale promotional work.

Content, paid media and owned media are few categories that can be automated as they encompass ‘machine’ involvement as compared to ‘human’ engagement.

Leveraging digital advertising and programmatic buying along with specific software applications can automate the online publishing chunk of owned media and large parts of paid media. Although automation has assumed relevance in the recent times, the media relationship pitch isn’t conducive to it.

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