Why PR should be Internet of Things (IoT) ready

IOTUsing Internet of Things (IoT) is no more an alien concept. In fact, it is undergoing fast transformation and is driven by the idea of making things happen right here, right now. Believe it or not, IoT is present everywhere – it may be in your pocket and probably might be even helping you drive a vehicle. Experts are of the opinion that IoT is fast progressing and changing how products are customised for the audiences today. In simple words, it is slated to emerge as the ‘Next Big Thing’ and assume relevance equivalent to big data and cloud computing.

Not surprisingly then, IoT is emerging as  a critical technological trend that all industries including the new age PR firms should keep a close watch on.

Understanding the reality of IoT

It’s true that IoT is used almost everywhere. Industries such as retail and transportation are leveraging it to develop products and services. Reports suggest that by 2020, more than 25-billion devices will become connected to IoT. The mission and dream to build smart infrastructure becomes achievable with this technological innovation as it allows automation in almost all industry fields.

PR agencies in India should review and keep a close watch on IoT as it is greatly impacting the economic trends across the country. Ranging from conventional IT enterprises to oil companies, every organisation is expected to collaborate with IoT to achieve the desired business targets.

While IoT is revolutionising and penetrating our daily lives, it is fast opening new opportunities for the PR industry as well. Many leading PR agencies in India are fast waking up to the importance of IoT and offering communications strategy to help consumers navigate through this inevitable transition. Since IoT is expected to assume further prominence in the coming days, understanding how it can impact business functioning and communications is important.

IoT and Public Relations

Nowadays, clients are keen to make the most of their smart devices and are consistently looking for opportunities to further expand its usage. Hence, savvy PR firms should promptly use IoT in their day to day activities as it will help to improve the service offerings and meet customer expectations. The onus lies with the top PR agencies to position businesses with relevant media placements that emphasise on the products and IoT in particular.

Moreover, IoT will play a significant role in enhancing the data availability that will offer the PR domain with a new relevant data source for analysis and interpretation. Marketing gurus feel that the new information will substantially impact the different spheres of PR greatly such as measurement, research, and planning. Apart from offering exciting PR opportunities, IoT has the ability to bolster the customer service opportunities for brands as well.

A new dawn for PR with IoT

Today, IoT provides a new frontier for media relations and data-driven content within PR campaigns. It will help PR agencies to improve relations with the media as the opportunities offered are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional in nature. Although IoT’s connectedness raises questions related to privacy, the concerns and vulnerabilities can be resolved with time.

In other words, IoT offers opportunities and challenges both. With the growing number of connected devices across the globe, companies are feeling pressurised to improve device management and bag data-driven insights to create workable operational efficiencies.

Furthermore,IoT is able to increase the efficiency level of PR companies in India as it offers benefits such as better media placements, development of integrated marketing materials and more. Hence it is time for PR agencies to realise its true potential so that they are better-positioned to serve customers.


As IoT ushers in a new era of automation in industry verticals and promotes the creation of smart infrastructure, issues related to security need to be addressed for it to register a beneficial impact. If optimised in the right direction, it is capable of helping the PR industry to analyse a new source of data and bolster its services.

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