Why your business needs Public Relations

EngangementsDo you ponder often if your business needs PR? Looking for possibilities to expand the reach of your business? Keen to get your message in front of the ‘right’ clients? Want to bolster the reach of your content? While many dub Public Relations as ‘free advertising’, it is an undeniable fact thatPR is a time consuming and labour-intensive process. Over the years, PR has positioned itself as a result-oriented marketing tactic as most businesses opt for the services of a PR firm to attain easy traction and quick exposure required to succeed. In fact, believing that conventional PR can bring desired results is no- longer true. Although, PR has the ability to give any company the best return for its marketing budget, it can only display results when utilised in the right direction.

A lot of questions have been raised on the efficiency of this strategy due to the fact that no one can control the reach of a message or the audiences’ reaction. Predicting the results is next to impossible as businesses rely on others to communicate their story.

This is where the concept of ‘thought leadership’ should be utilised to its full potential.  Many business owners are not aware but they can direct media conversation in their favour by making use of a thought leadership driven strategy.  In fact, by becoming a thought leader, a business owner or CEO can play the role of a go-to resource for information related to news, trends and the future of the industry. It’s true that PR companies can boost the outcome of a campaign by marrying the goals of business with the prevailing public opinion. Moreover, PR can influence the potential clients, partners, investors, reporters, peers, and so on.

Looking for possible ways to collaborate with a top-notch PR agency to initiate the implementation of thought leadership? Without further ado, let us review the key advantages of thought leadership as compared to conventional PR.

  • Need PR

    Control the reach of your message

Media exposure is crucial but availing PR services to communicate the message to the audiences at the right time can come in handy in this scenario. The message can become simplified when it passes through different people in an organisation.

Although controlling the message using thought leadership is possible, the risk of misinterpretation runs high. Moreover, it doesn’t leave room for bragging as self-promotion may turn the reader away.

Leading PR agencies in India are of the belief that thought leadership focusses upon writing what is relevant, displaying the expertise level and reviewing the pain points of the consumers.

  • Brand Humanized

    Brand humanisation

Over the years, more consumers have displayed promptness to engage with the ‘faces’ running a brand. When a thought leadership strategy is implemented, a business is successful in placing the people right at the front and educating the audiences. The prospective clients can engage in direct interaction with the company executives and enhance their knowledge. This helps a brand to get positioned as a reliable information provider and audiences feel confident associating with it.

  • Using engagement to build trust

When a media practitioner undertakes a detailed analysis of the industry trends, this initiative comes in handy to build a community encompassing loyal followers. When a business owner spends time to create educational content, various factors like engagement, trust, and sense of community get boosted.

Building a follower base by simply relying on media practitioners is not a viable option. With over 80% of the audiences wanting to associate with brands that offer customised content, sustaining long-term relationships becomes attainable.

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In the absence of right tools and tactics, measuring PR ROI is not an easy task. Reports suggest that marketing professionals who prefer to use content as a medium to connect with audiences are expected to achieve desired ROI. In fact, most PR companies swear by ‘original’ content as an effective inbound marketing tactic. Every company executive should thus aim to dig into the results they get from their PR firm. It is mandatory for businesses to ensure that their brand is humanised, the message is controlled and audiences are engaged.

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