Working in Fashion PR: Things to expect

fashion-prWhenever a publicist with successful careers in the world of fashion give interviews, there’s one thing we all want to know: How did he get started? While the path to success in fashion PR usually comprises a combination of proper timing, sufficient hard work and obviously luck, there’s no denying that it is a tough industry to break into.

Publicists are of the opinion that working in fashion may seem to be a glamorous affair at the outset, given the celebrity proximity attached to it, the reality is there’s more than what meets the eye and much of it is stressful.

The world of fashion PR demands professionals to be fast-paced and exhilarating inspite of the long and exhaustive working hours. PR consulting agencies that primarily focus upon building connections are of the opinion that getting a foot in the world of the fashion domain is daunting. In fact, it is a competitive world where the sassy strategists and cool creative professionals have to keep up with the quickly changing trends and demanding audiences who are spoilt for choices.

Apart from being huge, the fashion industry is tremendously competitive as well. Taking up the job of a publicist requires dedication and determination in this industry as it demands PR professionals to be at the intersection of media and fashion. Moreover, the PR firms get to work in close coordination with a brand/designer and shape stories that represent the true style and are in sync with the public. To get desired results, it is key to find ways to become popular and garner attention- get acquainted with the top media houses, participate in talk shows, create relevant press reports etc. Well, that’s only the beginning.

PR agencies favour working in the world of fashion as it offers some great ‘perks’ but it’s definitely not an easy gig. To understand and get a clear picture of what really goes on beneath, our guide will help you improve your skills as a fashion publicist and react appropriately to whatever situation comes your way.

  • On your toes

It is key for a PR professional, working in fashion, to display professionalism even if the meeting involves casual dinner. It is similar to working in a boutique where being ‘polite’ and ‘nice’ are musts for clients to be impressed, cajoled and returned. You see, impressions count, so do word-of-mouth publicity. In the world of fashion PR, you have to be chipper and can never have an ‘off’ day.

  • hierarchyHierarchy

Like it or not, PR encompasses strong hierarchy. To many, it may even sound unpleasant but hierarchy is deep rooted and exists within PR agencies.

  • Wear many hats

A PR pro should be able to prioritise  various tasks – face-to-face networking, participation, event organisation, identify targets, build strategies, crisis management, write press releases, communicate efficiently etc – when working with a fashion brand. Multi-tasking is a pre-requisite, not a choice.

  • insane-work-hoursInsane work hours

Working late nights and sometimes weekends have become a norm for the fashion publicists. The work culture of conventional PR doesn’t apply here. The world of PR is driven by quantifiable results and the growing prominence of the digital landscape and social channels have only made it tough to handle.

  • Identify trends

In PR, one must always understand the trends mainly related to the media. Getting a clear understanding of the media wave and use it for promoting your brand so that it fits in with the present trends.

Can you become a fashion publicist?

A mix between a journalist and a fashion connoisseur is required if you aspire to become a PR powerhouse in this world of glitz and glamour. So, the question that needs to be answered – Do you possess the right skills to become a fashion publicist?

  • Reliable – You should be trustworthy for doing a good job.
  • Detail Oriented – You are attentive towards the small details.
  • Consistent – Despite facing a tough situation, you should be able to put your best performance.


The life of a fashion publicist is exciting when you are a believer of fashion and committed to hard work.

Did any of these revelations surprise you? Do share your opinion in the comment box below.\

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