Content Marketing for PR: Understand How to Use it

Content Marketing for PR (1)Over the past few years, the boom in Content Marketing has made the role of PR more crucial to brands. It would be more appropriate to say that Content Marketing acts as a natural extension of PR as it focusses on brand elevation via value-focussed content and positive engagement. In a number of ways, Content Marketing has a positive impact on the Public Relations domain.

In this post, we have listed out a few principles that can make your efforts to use Content Marketing for PR more efficient and effective.

  • Understand that ‘Owned Media’ is Powerful

We often hear that brands should actively aim to create an engaging digital presence. Thanks to Content Marketing, the relevance of PR to a brand’s owned content is witnessing rapid growth. With the surge in tools and tactics for the promotion of owned media, the onus is on PR taking charge of the customers’ blog and positioning them as a thought-leader.

  • Think from the Perspective of a Publisher

Content Marketing is driven by the philosophy that you should more often think like a consumer. Ask questions – Is this something I would like to read or is this content worth sharing?

Likewise, the PR agencies should also take in to account the mind-set of their media peers engaged in the publishing domain. Pitching stories with insights help bring more value to audiences and build long-lasting relationships.

  • Be Prompt to Change Strategies

Conventional PR is used for pushing new product launches, entering new markets and Content Marketing focusses on enhancing engagement with the clients. Boosting the volume of earned media is worth the effort.

The presence of innumerable Content Marketing tools has made it possible for a particular media story to reach more audiences leading to improved media placement.

  • Bolstering Engagement is Crucial

For effective PR, make use of the newer tactics such as social media releases. Although, every agency usually follows their own format, the below mentioned elements of social media releases are crucial for content marketing and offer more scope compared to press releases.

  • More text
  • Hyperlinks to other relevant content
  • Infographics and designs
  • Embedded social sharing buttons.

A Social Media release has a far more engaging effect as compared to conventional PR.

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Pitching on Twitter is helpful if your customer actively participates in relevant conversations. One of the most efficient ways to boost your customer’s profile in the community is to project them as a trustworthy source of people-centric content.

‘Content is king’ assumes greater relevance on Twitter.

Is Content Marketing a new concept?

Experts argue that content marketing existed earlier and in fact, there are innumerable PR practitioners who have been playing the role of content marketers. In the last few years, many brands have been trying their best to understand the usage of corporate blogs and Social Media channels in Public Relations.

This has been one of the reasons why many organisations often question if PR and Content Marketing are mutually exclusive? This question comes to the fore when companies are taking decisions with regards to their marketing strategy based on the belief that they lack resources to meet the demands of PR and Content Marketing.

So, how should brands approach this area? Should content be produced to fill space at owned publishing outlets or is it better to focus on bagging earned media coverage? For best results, a mix of PR and Content Marketing is most appropriate.


Although new-age Marketing has changed the communication paradigms today, the desire to tell an engaging brand story continues to remain constant. Hence, there is no denying that Content Marketing can play a crucial role in PR.

Do you agree that Content Marketing is an essential part of PR? Please share your opinion in the comments below.



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