Consumer Connections

Consumer Connections Services

At Value 360 Communications, we offer you a highly specialised mix of PR services and Consumer Connection services that help build the differentiation factor for your brand. In today’s digitally-connected universe, the consumer is empowered and extremely discerning. Traditional methods of advertising and marketing, therefore, don’t quite cut the mustard as effectively anymore.

Consumer Connection

All communications that we deliver for our clients contain a touch of emotional appeal that successfully creates a consumer connection. Through thought leadership positioning and precise but engaging story-telling, we are able to project your management as trusted experts in their niche domain.

For sophisticated modern consumers, emotional relevance and subtle messages from trusted third-party platforms work better than hard selling. This is what we aim to achieve for our clients through our consumer connection services by providing an outreach to your key brand messages via reliable traditional and digital media platforms that have a legacy of integrity and authenticity.

It is imperative to foster customer relationships built on trust and positive brand perceptions. Today’s sophisticated consumers tend to perceive editorial with a greater degree of respect and reliability. This is the kind of content that consumers reach out for on their own and therefore they tend to trust its communication more than hard-selling. The brand message has more integrity for them thanks to the independent nature of the media. It’s a form of endorsement by a trusted, reliable and impartial third party.

  • We help you get featured in the most prominent and trustworthy of media platforms and build long-lasting consumer connections by nurturing strong media relations. This has a direct and more palpable result on customer retention than traditional advertising efforts.

Such consumer connection initiatives add long-term value to all your marketing activities and firmly embed your brand name as the foremost one in the customer consciousness. Delivering value through products, services as well as superlative communications enable your brand to build a one-on-one relationship with customers.

Our consumer connection endeavours will carve out a distinct and clear brand personality for your business. In a receptive consumption environment where a mass economy has been replaced by a customer economy, we offer you a host of creative ways to boost your brand and influence purchase decisions.