Media Relations

Media Relations

At Value 360 Communications, an important aspect of what we do is media relations management. We helm the way the media, local, regional and national, views your brand. The Public Relations agency harbours deep ties with the foremost journalists and editors in the country that have been cultivated over years. This ensures a mutual exchange of information and a balanced relationship of trust and credibility. The media regularly turns to us for valid and authentic inputs from our vast base of clients ensuring the widest possible reach for the key communications of your brand. We also regularly update the media with important messages from our clients making certain that no big news from your business goes without the deserved attention.

Media Relations Management

Media relations management is one of the most powerful tools for influencing consumer behaviour and therefore they are core to the services we offer. Credible third-party endorsement is most sought after and has helped several brands scale up and become industry leaders.

Our media relation experts actively reach out with your brand stories and ensure placement in local, national and digital platforms. We also act as the proactive public relations representatives for your brand to answer and respond in real time to any media query about your products, services, management etc.

In order to ensure that the most relevant and updated information about your organisation is available with the media, our team of editorial experts prepares an insightful media content kit. This includes profiles of your company and various spokespersons and press releases about new product launches or events. By putting together these documents, we make sure that your value propositions and brand positioning is lucid to the media and is spelt out correctly on all mass consumption forums.

Through consistent and artful media relations building, your brand develops a sustained positive perception in the eyes of the top publications of the country and subsequently amongst the consumers.

The main objective of our Public Relations Services is to establish the leadership position of your brand in its specific domain so that the media itself looks for your views and opinions for any industry story.