How PR agencies can build performance driven teams

All leading PR agencies try and aim for a ‘star’ team capable of being consistent in its performance. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge, particularly when a PR firm transits from being a small to a large full-service agency.

As a team grows in size and adds varied specialisations and capabilities, it is expected to perform better. But in the real world, the ability to manage this growth from a boutique PR firm to a leading PR agency isn’t easy to achieve. For a team to be successful, all the varied parts need to work efficiently.  The concept can be understood better in reference to coal, which is a collection of carbon atoms, which transforms into diamond when placed under considerable pressure for a significant time period. Carbon atoms on their own are considered malevolent and dull.

When a small PR firm eyes to position it as a leading PR agency, multiple new additions – services, specialists from different practice areas, geographies – are implemented. It has been observed that when a public relations agency is looking for ways to boost growth, it faces the challenge of making the team work closely and in perfect unison towards the same goal.

And to make this magic happen, here are few key ingredients that are essential to build a performance-driven ‘star’ team.

  • give-them-a-targetGive them targets

It is necessary to have an answer to questions like – Why has the team been formed, what are we eyeing to achieve and what makes us unique. This helps to form a clear and differentiated positioning.




  • scope-for-learningReward the efforts

Every leading PR agency should follow an organisational structure, initiate a proper reward and recognise mechanism. There’s no denying that professionals feel motivated by the concept of ‘What’s in it for me’. In the long run, a team is better equipped for success when a PR firm is able to focus upon the individual growth.

  • Provide scope for learning

Training that matches the overall business requirements is capable of bringing success, both for skill enhancement and rewarding high-performance teams. An efficient learning programme helps an employee to maintain focus and achieve targets on time.

  • careShow you care

Public Relations is part of the service domain, hence client servicing assumes centre stage. Since leading PR agencies have a reasonable amount of staff turnover, it becomes necessary to develop a robust culture that helps the team members to realise the relevance of business ethos and deliver on promises made. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance in the world of PR.

A leading PR agency is the one that is available and accessible whenever the customer demands, follows a proactive approach and meet client requirements and focus upon building trust, value and partnerships.

  • Have fun

Apart from offering professional growth, every PR firm should offer sufficient opportunities for team bonding to improve interpersonal ties and teamwork.


Since the communication industry is talented and multi-faceted, it becomes mandatory to identify the right ways to transform a team comprising of stars to a ‘star’ team.

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