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We have the right promotional resources and media tools to give you wider coverage and better viewership.

Public relations for films and entertainment properties, in the absence of the stars, are considered one of the toughest tasks in the world of communications and promotions. Value 360 Communications has proved that no target is unachievable with the right mix of strategy and good media relations. As PR consultants, we have developed creative strategies for films and events that have ensured that no big release goes without the momentum and excitement it deserves.

International Cinema
We have successfully steered promotional campaigns for several international films in India, despite the unavailability of the stars. We ensured that the films got the right kind of press coverage and digital visibility around the date of release.

Festivals and Events
Our agency is well-placed to handle the promotion of large scale events and cultural festivals. From the North East Fashion Fest to the Bangalore Fashion Week, we are experts in generating buzz within the limited time frame that is most crucial to the success of such events.

Viewer-centric approach
As a PR firm, we understand that the ultimate goal of communications in this sphere is generating consumption by the target audiences and attendees. We alter our communications strategy according to the film or property being promoted with a good mix of traditional, digital and new age media tools that are most widely accessed by an ever-evolving viewership.

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