Wellness & Healthcare PR

Healthcare and Wellness

We can make people aware of your products and services in the best possible way!

Public Relations and strategic communications for the healthcare sector is the core forte of Value 360 Communications. Our team provides breakthrough communication strategies that help both established and emerging players navigate the increasingly-changing healthcare and wellness landscape.

Cross- category Prowess
Our PR agency has worked with primary healthcare centres, leading hospital chains, independent medical practitioners, and medical equipment manufacturing companies as well as niche treatment providers.

Showcasing Strengths
We ensure that the key achievements of the client are highlighted in suitable media and all important developments get prominent press coverage.

Thought Leadership
With our strategic media outreach, we position the doctors, healthcare specialists and practitioners as thought leaders of their respective area of expertise. We ensure that their inputs and opinions make their way into industry stories of the leading media. This in turn helps the clients increase the engagement with the end consumers.

Multi-dimensional communications
In the healthcare sector, the audiences to be addressed are diverse in terms of demographics. Medical practitioners and institutions, however, need to reach out to all of them and generate awareness about the latest innovations, breakthrough medicines, technologies and practices. Through our expertise in multi-channel communications, we help our clients achieve this objective effectively and in ways which can be measured.

Our Clients from the Healthcare and Wellness Sector