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Better branding, more returning customers and driving home the right message – we know what all you need.

Today, there is a heightened demand for homes that spell elegance, style and exquisite taste. The result of this demand is the influx of luxury lifestyle brands in areas like furnishings, home décor and premium bathroom and kitchen fittings. We, at Value 360 Communications, make your home and furnishing brand stand out of the clutter and take your message to the right target audience with a well-balanced mix of print, television and digital media visibility.

E-commerce Expertise
As a public relations agency, we have worked with a vast repertoire of online home and furnishing brands and have successfully leveraged the strength of their products and services to create a favorable affinity with the target markets.

Brand-building Activities
Our team specialises in showcasing the clients’ brands at the right place through product placements in relevant media stories. We also help foster our clients’ image as veritable trendsetters by ensuring that their views on home décor and interior decoration are featured in top home and lifestyle publications.

Making the brand a benchmark
We establish our clients’ brands as those which define the home and furnishing space in the country. Through columns in print media, the clients can help readers explore the numerous ways in which their products can beautify interior and exterior spaces.

Our Esteemed Clients from the Home & Furnishings Sector