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olxWhile undertaking the onus of Olx’s Public Relations mandate, our major focus was on the fact that we had to launch a new category in the market; that of a marketplace for used goods. Additionally, our challenge lay in the fact that as a brand had minimal press announcements. Therefore, we had to drive the category based on pro-active and engaging campaigns.

While the ad campaigns for concentrated on the fact that it was a buying and selling platform, we emphasised its other features with our communications campaigns. The PR activities elucidated innovative applications of the format such as Find a Hobby Partner (where like-minded people in an area could come together to dabble in their favourite activities) and Find a carpooling partner. Our strategy was to also highlight the launch of the Olx app and the convenience it provides. We as a pr agency,  linked each activity to the marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns to provide a holistic 360-degree approach to the brand building activities.

Through thought-leadership positioning, we also firmly established the spokesperson of as a veritable leader in the domain of e-commerce and online classifieds. During its association with Value 360 Communications, became the most talked-about brand in the online space.

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