Success Story – Trend Micro

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Trend microThe association between Trend Micro and Value 360 Communications has been a long and extremely fruitful one. The thrust of our media and Public Relations activities for this client has been to highlight the Threat Reports that it regularly brings out. The media coverage and visibility that the reports have received have firmly established the leadership position of Trend Micro in the domain of Security Solutions.

The main challenge with Trend Micro was to ignite the confidence of the consumers for the products and at the same time build up the brand image. We initiated several tactical media campaigns to create significant mind share with the CXO Community on the state-of-the-art and advanced cloud offering of Trend Micro. The close interactions with key journalists from top publications that were galvanised by Value 360 also highlighted the company’s technological superiority and commitment to the Indian market.

We orchestrated “Coffee with Cloud”, a platform to popularise first-hand insights into Trend Micro’s commitment to Cloud security. Over two months, top business magazines editors, trade magazine journalists and writers from other vital publications met the Trend Micro founder and top-level management for coffee sessions and this magnified the scope of engagement immensely.

The specialised technology team at the agency also revealed its dynamism when it began to tap the blogging community, an emerging but very powerful influence in the space of security solutions.  Today, Trend Micro has been established as the foremost player in its domain to such an extent that the media never lets an industry story go by without comment from the company.

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