B2B Public Relations

Although there are companies that prefer to opt for ‘stealth mode’, but for most of the businesses these days press is a key way to enhance brand awareness and bring on board new clients. Irrespective of a venture, be it for a recently launched company or an MNC, chances

Keeping a close track of the progress in a PR campaign isn’t an easy task. Mostly because you can’t always put a figure or number, say leading PR agencies, to brand awareness and influencing the audience. Another vexing issue is that the numbers that are thrown up, most often

Imagine you create a media pitch and it is automatically sent to journalists? As unbelievable as it may sound but there are many PR functions that can be automated. In fact, many top PR firms in Delhi are providing a series of personalised services with the focus upon automation

It is easy to mix up – if you put aside the draw and visibility of bylines — the roles and responsibilities of a journalist and a publicist. There’s no denying that both the positions demand extensive writing skills, ability to interview subjects and build relationships, but the objectives