Branding professionals

Brand building is a lifetime commitment made to clients and Rome wasn’t built in a day. It requires time, consistent determination and strategy-focussed planning to achieve tangible results comprising enhanced client satisfaction, curtailed price sensitivity, higher repeat business, and lowered client defections. In today’s competitive business world plagued by

Why people prefer to choose certain brands time and again? Why BMW, Adidas, Apple, Wal-Mart are considered as the most loved brands? The reason is simple. Consumers prefer to associate with businesses that are consistent with their performance and reputation. Since ‘brand consistency’ is imperative for every business, realising

For businesses, reputation building is a must. Once an opinion has been formed, changing perception can be tough. Since content lives forever on the Internet, this assumes greater relevance. Thanks to the growing prominence of Social Media, building a reputation is swift and easy. However, attaining the coveted 5-star