Internet is responsible for changing the way information is being shared along with augmenting the digital media presence. With the growing inroads to modern tactics, digital media in India is helping businesses to bring creativity in the marketing of their services. Analysts are of the opinion that realizing the

Types of Social Media

The Social Media space is booming with more and more individuals and brands using it to meet their communication requirements. At times, understanding the purpose of every channel and the kind of content that is suitable for them becomes challenging. There are several types of social media networks existing

What is Social Media?

Social Media encompasses tools that enable people to create, exchange/share messages and information on virtual networks and communities. It is a means of interaction among people. It is dependent on mobile and web-based technologies for the development of interactive platforms used by individuals for discussing, co-creating and engaging user-generated

Public Relations (PR) is a dynamic field that aims to build efficient communication between companies and their stakeholders, in order to maintain a positive name for organisations in the market. In today’s intensely-competitive scenario, there is a compelling need for firms to maintain a healthy reputation in the market,

Public Relations Campaign

In today’s ever changing business market it is important to understand the difference between marketing and public relations. Marketing is associated directly with sales and public relations  (PR) is about creating a brand’s reputation, and maintaining their integrity by generating positive media. PR is an integral part of running