PR agencies in India

While many PR firms in India today have started offering integrated digital and PR services, few companies are still stuck in the credence that social media and public relations are separate marketing strategies that do not go well together. Consumers today are always on their mobile phones, logged into

The key to a business’s well-being is customer retention. It requires single-minded, focussed commitment to building long-term relationships with them to be able to keep one’s head above the crowd. Retaining existing clients as opposed to acquiring new ones is definitely more cost-efficient and profitable in the long run.

Social Media and publicity work in close coordination with each other. In fact, both these communication-focussed entities work hand in hand. A response-driven community management for a business has the potential to counter a crisis situation and also help the public relations agencies achieve desired result. Nowadays, most audiences

Over the past few years, it has been noticed that Public Relations has bolstered its efforts to push a specific message out to the targeted audiences to meet multiple goals such as building awareness, creating avenues for sales and boosting ROI. Conventional PR has been responsible for initiating progression