Public Relations agencies in India

As the conventional outbound marketing has slowly started to lose its sheen, influencer marketing is emerging as a viable way to entice clients and customers. In other words, ‘influencer’ as a term is making its way through the world of tangled Web and creating necessary noise. So, what does

Like in other industries, PR has also gone through its own round of mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Point to note, buyers’ diversity is ruling PR M&As with companies from altogether different backgrounds showing keen interest. This represents a changing landscape for PR agencies. Industry insiders are of the belief

Brand building is a lifetime commitment made to clients and Rome wasn’t built in a day. It requires time, consistent determination and strategy-focussed planning to achieve tangible results comprising enhanced client satisfaction, curtailed price sensitivity, higher repeat business, and lowered client defections. In today’s competitive business world plagued by

For a company, PR encompasses the official communication that goes out across stakeholders, a bouquet of content for which it is accountable. In such a situation, this makes it important for the business to ensure that every PR activity is carried out properly and preparations are made in advance

Conventional wisdom suggests that corporate brand building is all about bringing value to a business by using popular tactics such as awareness, loyalty and preference. While consistency is an integral part of the corporate brand building, the principle that branding ensures company’s long-term survival and market leadership form the