Public Relations companies

All leading PR agencies try and aim for a ‘star’ team capable of being consistent in its performance. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge, particularly when a PR firm transits from being a small to a large full-service agency. As a team grows in size and

Often overlooked, philanthropy is an important part of any PR plan and beneficial to every organisation. Misconceptions regarding philanthropy run high among business owners as many are of the popular belief that they don’t have the necessary resources and time to give back to their communities. In other words,

Do you ponder often if your business needs PR? Looking for possibilities to expand the reach of your business? Keen to get your message in front of the ‘right’ clients? Want to bolster the reach of your content? While many dub Public Relations as ‘free advertising’, it is an

A brand is one of the most valuable assets an enterprise owns and brand equity refers to the value of a brand. Companies that successfully build brand equity understand just how significant it is to the bottom line. However, a great deal of effort, time and patience are needed